About us

Company DOO Doža Đerđ Bačka Topola is limited liability company in 100% ownership of company DOO BB Minaqua from Novi Sad.

We are situated on Salas 291, municipality Backa Topola. From one side our land goes all the way to Highway E75. On the other side of farm complex there is railway, with the possibility of construction of industrial track for loading. Farm is situated near Danube ports Apatin and Novi Sad.

There are around 160 people working on the farm, with additional people hired in the case of need. We have our own veterinary service that is in charged of treatment of sick animals and obligatory vaccination of fatling.

Our fully air conditioned facilities can provide accommodation for 2.000 saws and 40.000 fatlings a year, with possibility of upgrade to 3.000 saws and 70.000 fatlings a year. There is a possibility of construction slaughter house and cold storage within the farm complex.

Company has 1.500 hectares of arable and building land.

Crop production is organized with use of most up to date equipment, and grains are used primary for animal feeding. From 2018. company started high efficient breeding of hybrid seed corn.

Farm has silo storage with the capacity of 18 silo tanks of 1.500 tons of grain and oilseeds, with grain dryer on gas and two reception bunker with unloading ramp.

Farm is organized on the principles of energy efficiency. Necessary energy for heating and cooling is provided from boilers that run on biomass and from geothermal heat pumps.

Pig slurry is transported to the 28.000 m3 lagoon and used for fertilization. Systems for scattering pig slurry over modern rangers and pivots have been installed. 




DOO DOŽA ĐERĐ was founded in 1946 in Bačka Topola as a peasant cooperative. Since then, several forms of organization have been changed. Today, DOO DOŽA ĐERĐ has a long tradition of farming and livestock production. Complete crop production is used for own needs and stored in its own storage facilities.

We strive for our meat to become a brand recognizable by its quality and composition. Our aim is to make food consumers healthier and to lead a better life.

Over 160 employees work in the following sectors:

Within the farm, as of July 1st 2009, a veterinary service DOO VET-PRO FARM was established. Involvement in all aspects of production has set itself the goal of, first of all, team work with all segments of production within the farm and in cooperation with the relevant scientific institutions. The service examined the complete state of affairs and, by introducing modern methods of business service, achieved modern standards of managing pig health and breeding.