We ended the successful year with the purchase of two new "John Deere" tractors, equipped with modern navigation technology.

Completed corn harvest! We are ready for winter.

We have reason to be satisfied; the barley is well sprouted and the wheat starts sprouting. 

With good organization and irrigation, we harvest two harvests a year!

Our machinery is richer for the new JOHN DEERE 8320R LRT II tractor!

One of the most modern and strongest tractors at our market,

with a power of 320 KS, is able to perform even the most difficult tasks with ease.

We started pre-sowing preparation and sowing of barley.

 Nice weather helps the soybean harvest.

Golden seeds in our silo!

Mechanical detasseling seed corn is carried out by special machines with high clearance.

Everything is easy with good machines!

500 hectares of wheat harvested in 5 days!

Good yield and quality.

After barley planting of soy beans as double cropping was finished.

We are expecting a good yield on 375 hectare!

More than 7 tons of barley per hectare!

Harvest was finished in 4 days, just before the storm. We are happy because of that!