Over 70 years of tradition

Public company “Doža Đerđ” Backa Topola has been founded on the basis of Cooperative farm “Doža Đerđ” Backa Topola on 15.02.1946. The main activity of the cooperative farm which was registered in the register of cooperative farms was agricultural and livestock production.

During the period of forming cooperative farms from 1949. to 1952. the farmers have been massively joining the farm so that by the end of that period, they have been producing on 1570 hectares of land. Despite difficult circumstances, lack of experience and proffesional staff, a whole range of problems have been solved although it was a period of administrative management. By the beginning of 1955. the cooperative farm has been reorganized and it continued to operate under the new name Agricultural cooperative farm “Doža Đerđ”.

Business activity of reorganized farm has been organizing of agricultural production on the land entered by the farmers and rented land and also vineyard production with fruit and graves processing. Reorganized farm consisted of more units. Based on the Distric Commercial Court resolution in Subotica from 04.06.1957. company ZPZ “Topola” has been incorporated to the Agricultural Cooperative Farm “Doža Đerđ”.

This cooperative farm developed along with the development of the social system, as from it's incorporation a well organized managment system has been formed, consisting of assembley, board of directors and supervisory board. The Assembley decided of new members acceptance, work duties, property relations, income distribution system and investments. Property relations was regulated, contracts with the members was concluded, long term development goals was determined. From 1970 cooperative farm " Doža Đerđ " operates under the new name The Combined Company "Topola" Backa Topola, associated organization agricultural cooperative farm " Doža Đerđ " Backa Topola. From 1974., after cessation of membership in combined company, it operates under the name Farm " Doža Đerđ ".

Based on referendum of the employees, farm " Doža Đerđ " joins AIK "Backa Topola" since 02.11.1978. and operates under the name AIK "Backa Topola" work organization "Agricultural cooperative farm" with unlimited solidary responsibility. After the acceptance of Self-governing agreement of 01.01.1981. it joins the singuar work organization in which it operates as OOUR " Doža Đerđ " Backa Topola. From 01.01.1990. after separation from AIK "Backa Topola", agricultural and food work organization "Backa" Backa Topola, changes the name into Agricultural company " Doža Đerđ " Backa Topola. This company changed it's status on 17.06.1991. into Joint Stock Company of mixed ownership for agricultural and livestock production " Doža Đerđ " with full responsibility. On 21.03.1995. it was registered as " Doža Đerđ " company for agricultural and livestock production and commerce, Backa Topola.

From 31.12.1999. the company is registered as Social Corporation for agricultural and livestock production and commerce " Doža Đerđ " Backa Topola and it operates under this name and form until 2008. when it changes its legal form into the stock company.

Today, the company succesfully operates as LLC " Doža Đerđ " BACKA TOPOLA.

From this chronology since it's formation, it is obvious that this company has been through numerous statutory and organisational changes. Despite many problems which followed these changes, the Company managed to survive and develop. In the period from 1962. till 1980. a first rapid growth took place which enabled purchase of several hundreds hectares of land, from own funds. During that period a main part of modern facilities for fattening pigs and cattle has been built which increased the capacity to 10.000 of fattenings per year. Also, during that period, the state of the art agricultural mechanization has been purchased, the electricity has been installed and wells of large capacity for drinking water have been drilled.

In the last ten years Doža Đerđ is experiencing a new technological prosperity – new facilities and silos has been built on the farm, feed mixer, the modern mechanization has been purchased, infrastructure and substations has been built, wells, feed production has been automatized...

Since it's incorporation to date, the company retained as it's main activity the agricultural production in service of livestock production.