Cropping production is conducted on almost 2.500 hectares of arable land from which our company owns 1.500 hectares. The rest of the land is provided from priori lease.

We produce following crops:

  • sunflower,
  • corn,
  • soya bean,
  • barley,
  • corn seed,
  • flax seed,
  • wheat,
  • millet,
  • garlic.

900 hectares of land is covered with irrigation system and the rest of land is in regime of dry cropping. During crop production, we use all required modern agro technical measures.

Constant investment in equipment and machinery assures production efficiency and best quality of produced crops.

Produced crops are stored in company`s silo and used for animal feed production.

Storage silo have capacity of 27.000 tons of grains or oilseeds. There is two reception bunkers with unloading ramp, two cleaning lines and external drying grains system. Access roads are made of concrete that connects silo to two weighbridges.

Company leases free capacity of silo storage to other companies and provides grain drying services for corn, wheat, barley, soya been and sunflower.

 Silos na farmi "Doža Đerđ"