Livestock breeding

Pig farm is the main part of company Doza Djerdj. Tradition of pig farming dates from early 1950`s. There are 1.700 saws Landrace - Yorkshire F1 crossbred and Duroc race. This number has growing tendency.

Pig farm is commercial farm, and renewing of the herd is based on company`s own breeding material. Most up to date farm complex is built with facilities that meets all EU regulation on animal welfare. Yearly turnover is around 36.000 fatling, with tendency to grow up to planned 40.000 fatling.

Livestock breeding sector conducts following operations:

  • organizing operations on farm,
  • animal feeding,
  • cooperation with veterinary medicine,
  • application of all zoo hygienic treatments.

Reconstruction of old and construction of new facilities is finished, so now farm complex has:

  • farrowing facilities (2 buildings with capacity for 520 places),
  • nursery facilities (6 buildings with capacity for 7.500 animals),
  • fattening facilities (13 buildings with capacity for 13.000 animals),
  • insemination facilities (2 buildings with capacity for 648 animals),
  • gestation facilities (2 buildings with capacity for 1.280 animals).

All facilities are air conditioned and they are built by respecting the system “all in – all out”. As the mail fuel for heating and cooling system is straw from arable land. From 2010. new energy plants that use renewable energy started working.

Improvements in pig farming can be achieved only with carful breeding selection, by using most UpToDate methods of nursing, by providing adequate fatling facilities, adequate nutrition and preventive health care of the animals.

All gilts go through compulsory performance test in production conditions with main goals oriented towards slaughter quality, fattening and breeding characteristics.

Company imports quality boars. With planned section we achieved upgrade in fatling-slaughter attributes. The increase of litter is also achieved.

Main goals are:

  • better quality of meat,
  • decrease in conversion factor,
  • large number of fatlings per saws,
  • increase in growth and shortening of fatling period,
  • increase in resistance of pigs to decease.

To ensure quality of pig food, we are conducting quality control to all feed mixtures and raw materials.

We have purchased extruder so we are able to produce full fat meal from extruded soya bean, corn and flax seeds, that is large step forward to production of pig diet on our farm.